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*Fiddler's Surprise Dandy *MERLIN*
*Valentino Deveroux *VALENTINO*

Merlin a few days ago wearing his driving bridle during normal riding lessons with Chelsea, to get him used to the Blinkers and the feel of it.

At first he kept head-butting stable doors and walls, when tied up on the yard, and kept jumping when I approached, but after an hour being ridden in it, he was fine.

In this lesson, he had to face challenges, such as giant sheets of tarpaulin that he had to walk over, wooden Pallets that he had to walk on and stand on, piles of buckets that he had to kick out the way, plastic bags and general rubbish and trash that he had to walk through and over… and other challenging bits.
This is really good for his confidence, as he will encounter a lot more when he is in the cart.

I am looking at a ‘Governess Cart’ this weekend, possibly to buy and do up ready for when Merlin has completed the initial training :)

Follow me to get the latest pics and info on how Merlin and Valentino are doing in their training !!

— 1 year ago
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